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What kind of equipment (camera body, lens, filters, flash, tripod, cleaning equipment other) do you use?


I usually take photos with Canon Eos 500d and my favourite lens is Canon 50 mm 1.8 . Sometimes I use Helios 44m-4. Sometimes I take photos with old cameras like Lubitel, Zenit or Agfa Isolette.


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What do you like and dislike about your equipment, specially your camera, and how would you improve it?


I want to buy a new camera soon. My equipment restricts me a lot. I’d like to buy wide-angle lens too.


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What is your favourite lens, and why?


My favourite lens is Canon 50 mm 1.8 because it makes a beautiful bokeh on photos and is very bright. When I take photos during sunrise or sunset, I love to use Helios lens.


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When you travel, what is in your essential photographic kit bag?


My camera and some lens, lens cleaner , battery charger and some memory cards.


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What kind of software/tools do you use for post-processing, if any?


I use Adobe Photoshop CS6.


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How long have you been taking photographs? How do you find inspiration? How do you take your pictures?

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a kid. Initially, these were the photos illustrating the events of my life. Later, I began to photograph people, I did photo shoots with friends. Our background was a sheet, our light were desk lamps. Each session was planned before , we didpaper decorations, we were preparing designs, make-ups. With time photography became the most important part in my life, my air. Inspirations come mostly the same: when I go by tram, train, talk with people, look through shop windows, websites, magazines. Sometimes I find a prop in a shop, a single cloth and it inspires me. In each session I put a lot of heart and energy. I love being tired when I come home with a camera full of photos. I’m never fully satisfied with myself. There will always be nuances that spoil the original plan, once more ,sometimes less.


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Which style of photography do you like the most, and why?


I like every photography style. Each style is different to another one. Photography is a great branch of art. Most, however, I like to photographfashion with the release of a fairytale, abstract, unusual as photos of Tim Walker or Beinta.


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What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?


I want to continue to develop, and I think I never fully attain perfection, but I want to strive to fulfill your photographic dreams even if I would have to give it 300%.


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Looking at your own work, which piece is your favourite? Why? Please provide a link to the picture.



I think it’s one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. I’ve been planning it for a very long time and I’m happy that I could finally did it.


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Does your work fit into any one or more distinct genres (nature, landscape, long-exposure, black-and-white, infra-red, urban, artistic, macro, vintage, vernacular, social, street)? If other, please specify.


Artistic, I think so 😉


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Are there any photography websites that you visit regularly?


Fashionising.com, digitalcamerapolska.pl, flog.pl


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What is the one most important lesson that you have learned since you started taking photographs?


That I can’t give up and that I should learn on my mistakes.


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And finally, what other interesting photographers would you like to see in this blog?


Beinta http://www.beinta.com/ and Anka Zhuravleva.


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FairyLady Photography


My name is Paulina Maciejewska, I’m known as FairyLady. I’m from Poland, from Konin, I study art history on Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poznań. I love windy mornings,summer evenings, fields full of cereals, cloudy sky, country paths, a smell of soap and ticking of a clock.
I’m in love with carousels, birds, shabby chic style and flowers. I go around the world looking at everything through the
lens. Photography accompanied me since childhood, but for some time has become my greatest passion and the way I’d would like to follow in the future.
Through pictures I express my emotions and unleash my imagination.
World of my photos is world of my dreams, a reflection of what sits in my soul. In photography, I love its diversity and flexibility. Since childhood, I run with the camera, but I never thought that so it overwhelm me, I never thought that something so fall in love, become independent. I try not to close in one style images, I create as I feel. But the most I like to photograph people, so it was, and I think it will be.