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How did you discover photography? Tell us a little bit about yourself and your influences.

I think my photography addiction started with the discovery of the great community of flickr. I was overwhelmed by the fascinating storrytelling works of young self-portrait artists. And I wanted to do some similar kind of art. I wanted to create photos that tell stories and mystical worlds I would love to live in. I wanted to express myself and my ideas.


What does photography mean to you?

Today photography means to me expressing myself and creating beauty. I would love the people to “feel” when viewing my images.


How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the art of other artists, photographers as well as musicians, painters and others. Nature is also a huge inspirational source for me and the beauty one can find in simple daily things.


Which style of photography do you like the most, and why?

I love fine art photography, because wonderful worlds are created and portrait photography that shows the beauty of humans.


What is the one most important lesson that you have learned since you started taking photographs?

Dare more.


When you look at a photograph, how do you decide if it is a ´good´ piece of work?

A good photo in my sense is a photo you are viewing for more than just a few seconds and that deeply touches you.


What was the most challenging photograph that you have ever taken, and why?

I think this was one of the hardest pictures I took, because it was so freaking cold I didn’t even feel any part of my body anymore after this shooting. And with such cold hands after the right photo is taken it really hurts a lot to package the tripod.


What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know that you have reached it?

I would love to turn my hobby into a career. Beeing able to subsist on capturing the beauty in everything I love.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am always looking for wonderful inspiring people to work with. Models, makeup or hair artist and others.


Looking at your own work, which piece is your favourite? Why? Please provide a link to the picture.

This is such a difficult question. I love a lot of my photos. Sometimes not even because the photo is so wonderful but because I love to remember the moment when taking this picture.

But I think at the time this is one of my favourites:

It is a picture of my lovely little sister, that shows the fascinating uniqueness and freedom of childhood.


Now, getting more technical, what equipment (e.g. camera body, lens, filters, flash, tripod, cleaning equipment, etc.,) do you use?

I don’t need a lot. I have my camera a 5D Mark ii which I really love – but most of the time I’m just using a 50mm 1,8 lens and some manual lenses like a helios. For self portraits I also use a tripod and a remote release.


What do you like/dislike about your equipment, specifically your camera, and how would you improve it?

I love my camera. And I love to work with those old manual lenses.


What photographic equipment would you like to own and why?

I would like to own a 24-70mm lens with an high aperture, but I have to put more money aside first.


What would be the perfect piece of photographic equipment that doesn´t exist yet?

I would love to have the same quality camera and lenses but everything smaller and far lighter, so that I can take them with me everywhere and whenever I want.


What kind of software/tools do you use for post-processing, if any? How long do you spend on this process? Tell us a bit about your workflow.

I’m doing a lot in photoshop. My process of post-processing can be quite different. Sometimes I have pictures that are just perfect and I don’t need to edit a lot more. But most of the times I am editing a lot and this can take half an hour up to an hour (but this is really unusual). I’m working a lot with colours and brightness and also doing a bit of beauty retouching.


Are there any photography websites that you visit regularly?

Most of the time I’m looking for inspirational stuff on flickr, but I also love to visit a bunch of blogs and magazines about photography. There are so many great works out there.


Finally, what other interesting photographers would you like to see in this blog?

I really love the works of Anna Ådén, Jennifer Zinke and Michael Fiukowski.


Anne Krämer Photography