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How did you discover photography? Tell us a little bit about yourself and your influences.

I discovered photography about twenty years ago with traditional photography and I was already attracted by landscape. I was also fascinated by the enlarger printing process and spent a lot of time in dark room.


What does photography mean to you?

Photography is for me above all a way to escape and create a new world, a new reality.


How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration according to my travels and movements , this can be by chance or a place that I have chosen , internet is also a great way to find new places to photograph.


Which style of photography do you like the most, and why?

Landscape photography is one that procure me the most fun, especially long exposures that allow me to create a dreamlike and soothing world. I also like to compose geometrical composition with characters on it, often using a tilt/shift lens.


What is the one most important lesson that you have learned since you started taking photographs?

Be guided by emotions and inspiration, find his own photography without trying to imitate. And patience!


When you look at a photograph, how do you decide if it is a ´good´ piece of work?

If the picture makes me feel emotions and can transport me to another world, it’s a “good” piece of work.


What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know that you have reached it?

I have no particular purpose, just to have fun, I am of course happy to sell prints and make exhibitions but the main thing is to get away and have fun.


Looking at your own work, which piece is your favourite? Why? Please provide a link to the picture.

Hard to select one work, I would say this one: Lines:, I find it perfect in terms of mood and composition.


Now, getting more technical, what equipment (e.g. camera body, lens, filters, flash, tripod, cleaning equipment, etc.,) do you use?

I use a Canon 5d mkII, with a 17-40mm lens, mamiya 35mm and 80 mm mounted on a tilt/shift gear, nd filters, manfrotto tripod, remote control, also have a fuji x100t camera.


What lens do you use the most? Why?

The 17-40mm is the lens i use the most for landscape because of its wide angle, I also often use the mamiya 35mm for tilt effect, really like to play with the focus.


What would be the perfect piece of photographic equipment that doesn´t exist yet?

A 15-200mm lens with 1,8 aperture.


When you travel, what is in your essential photographic kit bag?

The essential is tripod, nd filters, remote control, 17-40mm, 35mm tilt lens and the x100t for daily photography.


What kind of software/tools do you use for post-processing, if any? How long do you spend on this process? Tell us a bit about your workflow.

I shoot in raw format, first a quick edit with adobe bridge and after, process the image with photoshop and finalize it with silver efex plugin for b&w images. The time process depends on the picture to work, it can go from a quarter of an hour to 1 hour or 2. I can make some little changes a few days after, usually I don’t like to spend many hours on an image.


Does your work fit into any one or more distinct genres (nature, landscape, long-exposure, black-and-white, infra-red, urban, artistic, macro, vintage, vernacular, social, street)? If other, please specify.

Most of my work is long exposure waterscape/landscape photography, i also shoot urban and street photography, I can shoot in b&w or color.


Are there any photography websites that you visit regularly?

I used to spent a lot of time on websites, much less now but artlimited is the one I used the most, lot of great artists here.


Laurent Miaille Photography